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Nessler Exports


In Chemicals we have various types of Laboratory Chemicals we supply.


Chemicals A - E:-

CS3201 Acetanilide, N-Phenyl Acetamide
CS3202 Acetic Acid Glacial, For Synthesis
CS3203 Acetic Acid Solution 5%
CS3204 Acetocarmine, Microscopical Staining
CS3205 Acetone, For Synthesis
CS3206 Acetophenone
CS3207 N-Acetyl Glycine
CS3208 Acrylamide, For Molecular Biology
CS3209 Adipic

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Chemicals F - J :-

CS3318 Fehling's Solution - A
CS3319 Fehling's Solution - B
CS3320 Ferric Ammonium Sulphate
CS3321 Ferric Chloride Solution 10%
CS3322 Ferric Nitrate
CS3323 Ferrion Indicator Solution
CS3324 Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate
CS3325 Ferrous Sulphate
CS3326 Ferrous Sulphide Sticks

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Chemicals K - O :-

CS3360 Lactic Acid, Extra Pure
CS3361 Lacto Phenol For Microscopy
CS3362 Lactose Monohydrate
CS3363 Lead Acetate, Extra Pure
CS3364 Lead Carbonate, Extra Pure
CS3365 Lead Foil
CS3366 Lead Monoxide (Litarge)
CS3367 Lead Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3368 Lead Peroxide, Extra Pure
CS3369 Lead

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Chemicals P - T :-

CS3430 Pandy's Reagent
CS3431 Parrafin Liquid Heavy
CS3432 Parrafin Liquid Light
CS3433 Parrafin Wax, 58-600 deg. C
CS3434 Parrafin Wax With Ceresin
CS3435 Paraformaldehyde, Fine Powder
CS3436 N Pentane, Extra Pure
CS3437 Petroleum Ether, 40-600 deg. C
CS3438 Ph Paper
CS3439 Phenol,

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Chemicals U - Z:-

CS3517 Universal Indicator Solution
CS3518 Urea, Extra Pure
CS3519 W.B.C. Diluting Fluid
CS3520 Wright`S Stain Powder
CS3521 Xylene, Sulphur Free (Rectified)
CS3522 Zinc Acetate, Dihydrate
CS3523 Zinc Carbonate Basic
CS3524 Zinc Chloride, Dry And Pure
CS3525 Zinc Dust
CS3526 Zinc Nitrate

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