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Educational Charts

In Educational Charts we have Biology, Human Anatomy, Geology, Physical, Science, Physics, Chemistry



CT2401 Cell Membrane and Cell Wall
CT2402 Endoplasmic Reticulum
CT2403 Mitochondrion
CT2404 Golgi Complex
CT2405 Chloroplast
CT2406 Nucleus
CT2407 Chromosomes
CT2408 Structure of Cilium And Flagellum
CT2409 Ribosomes and Lysosomes
CT2410 Monohybrid Cross Complete Dominance
CT2411 Monohybrid

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Human Anatomy:-

CT2505 Human Skeleton
CT2506 Human Skeleton Joints and Limbs
CT2507 Human Heart
CT2508 Human Arterial System
CT2509 Human Venous System
CT2510 Human Digestive System
CT2511 Human Respiratory System
CT2512 Human Excretory System
CT2513 Human Brain
CT2514 Human Spinal Cord
CT2515 Human

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CT2535 Solar System
CT2536 Solar, Lunar Eclipses and Tides
CT2537 Distribution of Earth Quakes
CT2538 Distribution of Volcanoes
CT2539 Activity of Volcanoes
CT2540 Rivers and their Geological Actions
CT2541 Continental Drift
CT2542 Types of Folds
CT2543 Attitudes assumed by an Axial Plane and an Axis

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Physical Science:-

CT2561 Periodicity of Elements: Atomic Radii and Electronegativity
CT2562 Periodic Classification of Elements: Long Form
CT2563 Liquefaction of Gases (Air)
CT2564 Electromagnetic Radiation Spectra
CT2565 Emission Spectra of Hydrogen Atom
CT2566 Study of Thermionic and Photo Electric

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CT2579 Inter Conversion of Energy Forms
CT2580 Sound Spectra
CT2581 Meter Principles (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2582 Semiconductor Fundamentals (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2583 Transistor Characteristics
CT2584 Electronic Symbols (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2585 Nuclear Radiation Detectors (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2586 Line

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CT2643 Shapes of Atomic Orbitals
CT2644 Relative Energies of Atomic Orbitals
CT2645 Shapes of Orbitals and Molecules
CT2646 Formation of Molecular Orbitals
CT2647 Molecular Orbitals of Benzene
CT2648 Conformation of Ethane and Cyclohexane
CT2649 Optical and Geometrical Isomerism
CT2650 Alpha Helical

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