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Nessler Exports


In Electronics we have Analytical Instruments, Analog Instruments, Power Supplies, Analog Training Kits, Digital Training Kits, Components on Base, Discharge Tubes & Accessories.

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Analytical Instruments:-

EL1101 Water and Soil Analysis Kit
EL1102 Ph Meter (0-14 Ph)
EL1103 Digital Conductivity Meter
EL1104 Digital Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter
EL1105 Digital Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter
EL1106 Filter Photo Calorimeter
EL1107 Digital Tele Thermometer
EL1108 Portable Digital Wall

Analog Instruments:-

EL1117 Signal/ Function Generator
EL1118 Signal Generator and Amplifier
EL1119 Signal Generator with AM and FM Provision
EL1120 Audio Oscillator
EL1121 FET Volt-Ohm Meter (VTVM)
EL1122 Milli Voltmeter (1mV to 100V a.c.)
EL1123 Pulse Generator
EL1124 Signal Tracer
EL1125 Decade Capacitance

Power Supplies:-

EL1131 Extra High Tension (EHT) Variable Power Supply
EL1132 High Voltage Variable Power Supply
EL1133 Low Voltage Variable Power Supply
EL1134 Low Tension (LT) Vriable Power Supply (ac/dc)
EL1135 Low Tension Dual Vriable Power Supply
EL1136 Regulated Low Tension (LT) Power Supply
EL1137 Multiple

Analog Training Kits:-

Following electronic kits are an ideal introduction to the world of electronics, which is very useful for basic study of Electronics and Physics. Students can perform number of exciting projects dealing with the understanding of linear circuits.

EL1143 Laboratory Trainer Kit
EL1144 Electronic Circuit

Digital Training Kits:-

All training kits are having printed panels. The circuit of experiment is printed on the panel with printed component symbols and their pin configurations for fast understanding of the experiments. Detailed Manual will be provided.

ELxx13 Microprocessor 8085 Training kit
ELxx14 Digital Trainer

Components on Base:-

Following units are mounted on "U" section transparent plastic base of 90X65X28mm high together with color coded 4mm sockets with printed symbol of the components and their pin configuration.

EL1236 Diode Valve Unit
EL1237 Triode Valve Unit
EL1238 Pentode Valve Unit
EL1239 Thyatron Valve

Discharge Tubes:-

All the below tubes are made in 110mm soda glass shell as per standard specifications. Prices are considerable for small shell and other specifications.

EL1304 Demonstration Diode
EL1305 Demonstration Triode
EL1306 Luminescent Tube
EL1307 Maltest Cross Tube
EL1308 Perrin Tube
EL1309 Cathode


EL1315 Plug to Dry Battery (One Pair)
EL1316 Flexible Leads, with Crocodile Clip (One pair)
EL1317 Flexible Leads, with Plug (One pair)
EL1318 PCB Inspection Lens
EL1319 Cell Holder, Stackable (UM-1)
EL1320 Glass Cartridge Fuse Links


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