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Physics Charts

In Physics we have Electricity, Electrostatics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat, Magnetism, Electro-Magnetism, Mechanics, Sound & Model.

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PH1501 Simple Cell
PH1502 Daniel Cell
PH1503 Lechanche Cell
PH1504 Morse key
PH1505 Wheatstone Bridge
PH1506 Potentiometer - 1 Wire
PH1507 Potentiometer - 4 Wire
PH1508 Jockey Knife Edge
PH1509 Post Office Box
PH1510 Student Kelvin Bridge
PH1511 Rheostat Sliding Contact
PH1512 Resistance

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PH1525 Rods for Producing Charge
PH1526 Rubbing Cloth
PH1527 Electrophorous
PH1528 Conductors
PH1529 Biot's Apparatus
PH1530 Electric Fields Apparatus
PH1531 Electroscope, Simple Flask Type
PH1532 Gold Leaf Electroscope, Dual Purpose
PH1533 Tin Metal Foil
PH1534 Electrostatics Kit

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Fluid Mechanics:-

PH1542 Beaum's Hydrometer
PH1543 Battery Hydrometer
PH1544 Hare's Apparatus
PH1545 Boyle's Law Apparatus
PH1546 Mercury Truf, Porcelin
PH1547 Pascal's Apparatus
PH1548 Fluid Pressure Apparatus
PH1549 Cartesian Diver
PH1550 Spouting Cylinder
PH1551 Manometer
PH1552 Sipon

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PH1557 Surface Tension Apparatus, Jeager
PH1558 Capillary Tube Apparatus
PH1559 Smoke Cell
PH1560 Ball and Ring Apparatus
PH1561 Bar and Gauge
PH1562 Linear Expansion Apparatus
PH1563 Expansion of Liquids Apparatus
PH1564 Hypsometer Copper
PH1565 Compound Strips
PH1566 Thermostat Bimatellic

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PH1582 Bar Magnets (made of Steel, in pairs)
PH1583 Cylinderical Magnets (made of Steel)
PH1584 Horse Shoe Magnets (made of Steel)
PH1585 Bar Magnets, Alnico (made of Cobalt Steel)
PH1586 Cylindrical Magnets, Alnico (made of Cobalt Steel)
PH1587 U shape Magnets, Alnico (made of Cobalt Steel)
PH1588 Load

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PH1598 Electromagnet
PH1599 Worcester Electromagnetic Kit
PH1600 Oersted's Apparatus
PH1601 Tangent Galvenometer
PH1602 Barlow Wheel
PH1603 Electric Motor Kit
PH1604 Helical Coil
PH1605 Bicycle Dynamo
PH1606 Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Solenoid
PH1607 Demagnetizing Solenoid

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PH1608 Cubes, Wooden
PH1609 Cubes, Assorted Material
PH1610 Hydrostatic Balance
PH1611 Dispalcement vassel (Tin/ Brass)
PH1612 Perxpax Container
PH1613 Spring Balances, Metric
PH1614 Spring Balances, Newton
PH1616 Compression Balance
PH1617 Set of Masses, Iron, 100 gms.
PH1618 Slotted Masses,

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PH1646 Wave Form Helix
PH1647 Wave Motion Apparatus
PH1648 Simple Harmonic Motion Demonstration Apparatus
PH1649 Ripple Tank
PH1650 Sonometer
PH1651 Hand Stroboscope
PH1652 Tuning Forks, set of 13
PH1653 Set of Four Tunung Forks in Box
PH1654 Eelctrical Tuning Fork
PH1655 Melde's Apparatus

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PH1663 Aneroid Barometer
PH1564 Reading Telescope
PH1665 Hand Dynamo, AC and DC
PH1566 Steam Engine
PH1667 Steam Engine
PH1568 Gas Engine
PH1669 Solar Cooker
PH1571 Sectional Working Model of 2 Stroke Petrol Engine
PH1672 Sectional Working Model of 4 Stroke Petrol Engine
PH1573 Sectional Working

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